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Cannabis education and information on ways to consume, cannabinoids, types of cannabis, and more.

There is much more to learn about Cannabis and how it affects individuals. The key to the Cannabis legalization and normalization movement is to make Cannabis, which is used by adults (either legally or illegally), as safe as possible. This is to help ensure it interacts with society in a positive way, just like alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine!

Cannabis has only recently been viewed as something more than a Schedule I drug (U.S.) in the scientific world, and much more research must be done in order to find the true benefits of Cannabis, as well as the negative effects, for both short term and long term use. If you use or plan to use cannabis, please educate yourself, be mindful of others, do so in a legal way, and always use in moderation!

CA Cannabis Retailers Bracing for Next Phase of Legalization

Though Proposition 64 was staged as a multi-tiered rollout, most consumers assumed the bumps in the road would be smoothed over by the summer. Buckle up, because the rockiest part of the journey is just ahead. As of July 1, all products sold at dispensaries must be part of the statewide track and trace system. […]

4 Mistakes Cannabis Newbies Make

Trying cannabis for the first time—or even the first few times—can be intimidating, especially with all of the cannabis strains, new products and consumption methods available these days. Beyond being overwhelmed by the options, dosing cannabis is still far from an exact science. It takes trial and error to understand the amount of cannabis your […]

Embracing the Positive Side Effects of Cannabis

Says Emily, "Having embraced my full experience with cannabis, I feel more whole and authentic than I ever have."

The broad variety found among cannabis strains translates into a wide range of side effects, some of which can be positive, while others can be negative. In last week’s article, we reviewed the various ways you can go about reducing or eliminating any adverse side effects that may accompany cannabis consumption. Now, we turn our attention […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Cannabis Tolerance Under Control

Women are more sensitive to the effects of cannabis and tend to develop a cannabis tolerance faster than men do.

Marijuana high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a powerful psychoactive medicine, and when you first start using it, you may find the effects to be very strong. That said, if you use cannabis regularly, you’ll likely build up a tolerance to it. You may find over time that your cannabis just doesn’t seem as strong as […]

The Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Cannabis

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Inflammation is a symptom that’s tied to a wide range of conditions. While inflammation is your body’s natural response to infection—and is intended to fight it off and help your body heal, chronic inflammation can lead to problems of its own. In fact, some researchers believe that it’s responsible for causing and advancing the progression of […]

What Are Cannabis Flavonoids & Are They Good for You?

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What Are Cannabis Flavonoids & Are They Good for You? When we talk about the chemical constituents in cannabis, cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol  CBD  often get all of the attention—as do terpenes like limonene and humulene. But the marijuana plant is made up of several classes of chemicals, and one class that deserves a closer eye […]

Everything You Need to Know About Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens make up one unit: The oil, atomizer, battery and other components are all contained within the pen.

Everything You Need to Know About Disposable Vape Pens : If you’re in the market for a vaporizer, you’re likely aware of the dizzying array of options available these days. You’ve probably seen cartridges prefilled with cannabis oil, like those sold by BlueDreams which require a separate battery to function. You may have also seen a […]

Learning From the Cannabis Experiences of Others Like You

Learning From the Cannabis Experiences of Others Like You

Cannabis Experiences : As a cannabis patient, it’s important to figure out what cannabis options are right for you and your symptoms. This begins with research. In last week’s article, we discussed how to find the scientific information on cannabis that applies to you. In this article, we move on from published scientific data and start […]

3 Popular Questions About Marijuana & Dabbing Answered

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Marijuana & Dabbing Answered : Dabbing can seem pretty intimidating, even if you’ve been consuming marijuana for years. For this cannabis consumption method, you use a dab rig or pen to heat cannabis concentrates (shatter, wax or oil) to a high temperature, then inhale the resulting vapor. Dabbing imparts a large dose of marijuana for […]

The Benefits of Building Up Your Cannabis Tolerance

Certain conditions such as migraines require high doses of cannabis, so having a high tolerance can be beneficial.

In the previous installment of our series for cannabis newcomers, we went over ways you can keep your cannabis tolerance in check. That said, having a high tolerance to cannabis isn’t always a bad thing. In this article, we go over the reasons why some patients actually want to have a high tolerance to marijuana as […]